Thomsys Tech Private Limited is one of the recognized industry leaders in Project Management, Enterprise Software and IT services. Founded in 2003 we have our corporate head quarters in India with a team of 25+ highly competent professionals and a consulting office in Kuwait.Since our launch in 2003 ,we have developed and implemented quality customs solutions and services for today’s fast paced business world.
  • 2 We specialize in
    Packaged Solutions,Custom Software,Custom Site Development,Consultancy,Web Application, Mobile Application,Network & Hardware Solutions,Database software solutions,Web based reporting applications.
  • 3 Our Vision
    1.To make a positive difference in your environment.
    2. To help the client stay ahead of the curve by understanding the right technology to apply,manage and improve business practices and processes.
    3.To work closely with our clients and help them carry out any project from conception to implementation in a unique and supreme manner.
    4.To address our clients needs in an objective manner through the use of accurate , innovative and cost-effective solutions followed by efficient implementations and timely execution.
  • 4 Biovision Research
    We work closely with individual researchers to make sure that their experiments do not come to a halt for the want of right reagents, equipments or support.We work closely with individual researchers to make sure that their experiments do not come to a halt for the want of right reagents, equipments or support.

Ludus School Management System

LUDUS is a complete school management solution developed by Thomsys. It is a robust and dynamic system that covers all aspects of school functioning. This system is easily accessible from anywhere as it is deployed in Cloud. It takes care of the hectic admission procedures, payment of fees and school reports. All manual and paper work of the school can say good- bye. Everything is done online and instantaneously from submitting application forms to creation of transfer certificates. LUDUS also constitutes a myriad of other attractive options like question paper generation, Library book issuing and return, instant messaging and alert system and many more. It, at the same time, helps to keep the students, parents and teachers connected under the umbrella of the school faculty. The parent’s portal ensures that the parents no longer miss out on the happenings of the school as the child’s studies, activities and progress are always kept under check. The parents will instantly receive notifications from the school faculty through e-mail. The child’s attendance, time table, remarks, medical records, teacher’s observation and much more is visible online. This system follows the CBSE CCE method of evaluation. Everything is just a click away in LUDUS. It’s top priority is to keep all the school records and functions free of hassle and provides cent percent satisfaction to all its users.

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