About Us

THOMSYS Tech Private Limited is one of the recognized industry leaders in Project Management, Enterprise Software and IT services.

Founded in 2003 we have our corporate head quarters in India with a team of 25+ highly competent professionals and a consulting office in Kuwait.Since our launch in 2003 ,we have developed and implemented quality customs solutions and services for today’s fast paced business world.

We are entirely client-focused. We strive to equip our clients with high-end applications that can make their business processes easier and simpler.

Our Vision

1 .   To make a positive difference in your environment.

2 .   To help the client stay ahead of the curve by understanding the right technology to apply,manage and improve business         practices and processes.

3 .   To work closely with our clients and help them carry out any project from conception to implementation in a unique and         supreme manner.

4 .   To address our clients needs in an objective manner through the use of accurate ,innovative and cost-effective solutions         followed by efficient implementations and timely execution.

We Specialize in

>> .   Packaged Solutions.

>> .   Custom Software.

>> .   Custom Site Development.

>> .   Consultancy.

>> .   Web Application.

>> .   Mobile Application.

>> .   Network & Hardware Solutions.

>> .   Database software solutions

>> .   Web based reporting applications.